"Expertise is the beginning of all art and knowledge." (Aristoteles)

Expertise in law is a matter of course - industry expertise, however, is essential.

We focus on advising technology companies and combine legal with technical and business expertise. MAYRFELD provides industry-focussed and value-added legal advice with a multidisciplinary approach in the areas of technology, corporate, and international. Legal advice is not an end in itself but rather serves to implement an entrepreneurial vision. This requires sound expertise, a thorough knowledge of the industry, international experience, and the right strategy.

When doing business, the application of general legal regulations is subject to industry-specific interpretations and understandings since every industry bears its individual and characteristic dynamics and risks. We, therefore, do not solely maintain universal expertise limited to a specific legal area, regardless of its business application. Rather, we focus on maintaining interdisciplinary legal experience focussed on the industries in which we provide legal counsel. This allows us to think outside the box and thus to identify interlacing areas that are not only of relevance in the application of the law but also in the entrepreneurial implementation of your business model. Please be welcome to gain more insights in the three pillars of our pratice.