Industry Sectors

When advising in the technology area, industry focus is a must.

Our advice covers multiple fields of technological or entrepreneurial genesis. However, it is always industry-focused and value-oriented.

Life Sciences
Innovation at its best.

Live is not an exact science, it is inspiration. Like lawyering.

Biological resources allow to pursue new paths in the development of innovative therapeutical products, and their regulatory classification provides new legal challenges. We advise research entities as well as manufacturers of therapeutics or diagnostics in all legal aspects related to the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, medical products or novel therapies. We usually come in at an early stage of the development process and stay involved from the regulatory classification, technology licensing, to manufacturing and commercialization.

We counsel in connection with the development of advanced therapy medical products (ATMP) such as gene therapy medicinal products, somatic cell therapy medicinal products or biological drugs, as well as in the area of tissue preparations, tissue engineering, medical products, or in the development of innovative diagnostic tests. In these areas in particular, researchers and manufacturers are exposed to specific legal challenges since the regulatory parameters, best practices, and the legal framework still require further legislative shaping.

Providing advice in

  • German pharmaceutical law and law on medical products, including, without limitation, approval of pharmaceuticals or conformity of medical products
  • the structuring of projects on the development of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic test – domestically and internationally – (including issues related to clinical studies, quality assurance, quality management, compliance and related risks)
  • connection with the struturing and conduct of pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • connection with the structuring of research & development cooperations
  • in connection with licensing and contract manufacturing
  • in connection with the distribution, marketing, and co-marketing of therapeutics

is our daily business.

Representative life science transactions handled by members of the firmm include:

  • representation of a German research & development company in connection with the development of a tissue engineered implant, including, without limitation, approval issues and the structuring of an EU-wide observational study
  • representation of a German diagnostics company in connection with an EU-sponsored multinational research & development project on the development of an innovative and new diagnostic rapid test
  • representation of a U.S. biotech company in connection with the licensing of biomarkers to a leading multinational diagnostic company
  • representation of a German research & development company in connection with a research & development co-operation with a major German pharmaceutical company on the development of a known drug target for an alternative theraphy
  • representation of a German drug development company in a research & development co-operation with an Asian pharmaceutical company on the development of an innovative anti-cancer drug
  • representation of a German drug development company in the structuring of cross-border quality assurance schemes and the conduct of clinical trials to develop an anti-AIDS therapeutic
IT & Data Protection
While developing technology is an important task, it is almost more important what we eventually do with it.

On entrepreneurial freedom and informational self-determination.

Information technology and its application are closely interwoven with the development of other technologies. Therefore, counseling in the technology sector without expertise in information technology matters seems almost unimaginable. Big Data, Internet of Things, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence are just a few representative catchwords for illustrating the almost metamorphic development across industries in the IT-industry.

Information Technology

We advise software developers, device manufacturers, and IT service providers within the complete legal spectrum of the development and application of software or IT-systems.

In the IT-industries, we in particular advise on:

  • the structuring of general terms and conditions for the licensing, maintenance and distribution of software
  • the strucutring of software/IT-related or industry standards
  • the development of OTC- and OEM-software, including, without limitation, including development co-operations with third parties
  • the transfer, licensing and the protection of domain names
  • compliance issues in connection with the cross-border implementation of IT-networks.

Our lawyers have acted as lead coundel for example to

  • a NASDAQ-listed company in the area of mobile email communication in connection with the introduction of a mobile email solution in Germany
  • a Fortune 500 company in connection with the establishment of an industry standard for car navigation systems
  • a leading manufacturer of trading software in its license transactions with German financial institutions
  • a NASDAQ-listed North-Americal technology company in connection with the structuring and adaptation of software license form agreements pursuant to German law.

Data Protection

In connection with the application of IT-systems, whether databases, mobile telecommunication, or cross-border IT-networks, a multitude of legal and regulatory issues – in particular related to data protection – apply. We have extensive experience counseling domestic and international clients from various industries in issues related to German and EU data protection requirements in connection with the collection, use, and transfer of personal data within the EU Member States and also to third countries outside of the EU.

Our expertise comprises, inter alia:

  • strategic advice and representation in data protection audits
  • advice on general data protection issues such as the protection of employee data and customer data, the structuring of privacy policies and general data protection compliance
  • advice on industry-specific data protection requirements, e.g., in the course of drug development (clinical studies), marketing, or e-commerce
  • advice on compliant implementation of IT networks and data processing
  • advice on the compliant structuring of data processing services (e.g., commissioned data processing).

Our lawyers have counseled in the following representative transactions:

  • representation of NASDAQ-listed software developer in online-marketing-related data protection matters
  • representation of a multinational pharmaceutical company in connection with the introduction of Binding Corporate Rules for the intra-group crossborder transfer of personal data
  • representation of a NASDAQ-listed provider of a mobile email solution in data protection related issues in connection with “document production” obligations in a U.S. litigation
  • representation of a U.S. company in the metal industry in connection with the introduction of a whistle-blower system in Germany
  • representation of a NASDAQ-listed technology company in data protection matters related to the monitoring of employee email communication
  • representation of a British biotech company on data protection matters related to employee background screenings
  • representation of a German financial institution on data protection matters related to advertisements of the institution’s foreclosures on the institutions website
Moving Innovation.

The automobile: example of constant technological transformation. Always one step beyond.

The automotive industry is subject to a constant and almost infinite change. The automobile does not captivate any longer solely through high-precision mechanics, but rather transforms to an autonomous unit thanks to information and new drive technologies. The automobile comes at the end of a chain of multiple multi-disciplinary and global co-operations on all levels of the product lifecycle from development via supplies and manufacturing through distribution and recycling. The resulting complexity entails high demands – in particular on specialized medium-sized companies. At the same time the knowledge of the diverse industry practices is imperative for a meaningful legal project structuring in the automotive industry.

We have long-standing experience in advising German and international co-operation partners of the leading car manufacturers, in particular in the area of development and manufacturing of IT-supported car components.

Our expertise in the automotive sector includes, in particular, advising technology companies in connection with

  • the development of software-controlled processes in the automobile
  • the acquisition of new technologies
  • the development and implementation of web-based services for the automobile
  • the establishment and legal implementation of industry standards
  • the establishment of cooperations and joint ventures for component development and in the context of vehicle manufacture.

Representative projects led by partners of the firm include, for example, the representation of

  • a NYSE-listed electronics company in connection with the development and manufacture of so-called head unit navigation systems for leading German automobile manufacturers
  • a NYSE-listed electronics company as a consortium partner on establishing an industry standard for navigation systems in the automotive industry
  • a NYSE-listed electronics company in the acquisition of the speech processing division from a leading German automotive company
  • a Japanese tire manufacturer in an R&D project with a German tire manufacturer to develop a “run-flat-tire” technology
  • a NYSE-listed electronics company in the development of a web-based portal for fleet management with a leading German ISP.
Achieving function while avoiding failure.

Our deal: Advice made in Germany.

The hype about highly specialized technologies such as biotechnology or information technology tends to pound the art of precision technology into oblivion. Our understanding of „engineering“ is not limited to sophisticated engineering ingenuity but also developing and providing of high-precision mechanics and manufacturing technologies – i.e., exactly the expertise that was the decisive factor for the worldwide appreciation of the label „Made in Germany.“ In addition, the area of precision-engineering sees a strong internationalization and globalization from the sourcing of raw materials, establishing production facilities abroad to international sales and distribution.

In the area of engineering, we offer comprehensive advise and assistance in connection with domestic and cross-border projects such as advice on the structuring of

  • agreements on contract engineering and EPC contracts
  • just-in-time supply agreements and KanBan-based supply agreements
  • agreements on the development, manufacturing and supply of OEM-products (OEM agreements)
  • R&D projects on the development of mechanical components and novel manufacturing processes
  • supply agreements and securing raw material supplies or
  • national and international distribution channels.

When counseling in the area of engineering we can build on our expertise in the following projects:

  • representation of Chinese energy company in connection with contract engineering of windpower generators by renowned German engineering company
  • representation of German manufacturer of flow-control equipment in connection with the negotiation of a just-in-time supply agreement, and of dealer agreements in the GUS and in the U.K. or the
  • representation of electric tooling company in connection with inter-company manufacturing, transport and storage agreements.
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