Prof. Dr. jur. Dr. jur. h.c. mult. Bernd Schünemann

Prof. em. Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Philosophy of Law and Sociology of Law at LMU Munich Director of the Institute for Lawyers' Law at the LMU Munich

Prof. Dr. Schünemann teaches, researches and gives expert opinions in the fields of criminal law, criminal procedure law, philosophy of law and sociology of law.

Prof. Dr. Schünemann is an outstanding and internationally highly respected German criminal law teacher and one of the most important criminal law scholars of his time with an impressive curriculum vitae. Among other things, Prof. Dr. Schünemann has served as an expert witness for the German Jurists’ Conference and the German Bundestag. In addition, he can look back on extensive lecturing and advisory activities on legislation in European, East Asian and Latin American countries, for which 12 universities have awarded him honorary doctorates to date.

Since his fundamental study “Corporate Crime and Criminal Law” (published in 1979), which was commissioned by the German Federal Minister of Justice, one of the focal points of his work has been in the area of white-collar criminal law. Not only does he have a comprehensive body of work in the field of criminal law, but he has also acted as a legal expert and defense counsel in major German white-collar crime cases that have attracted considerable media attention.

As a member of the MAYRFELD advisory board, he provides expert advice to us and to our clients in the areas of criminal law and compliance, but also in answering legally relevant ethical questions.

Consulting in the context of the development, commercialization and application of technology is no longer limited to the intersection between technology and law. In the context of the development of novel therapies or advancing digitalization, social and ethical issues are of increasing importance for legally compliant project structuring. In this context, questions of compliance become an integral part of structured legal advice, as the application of technology must always be evaluated in the social, regulatory and legal context.

We are, therefore, extremely pleased that Prof. Dr. Schünemann makes his legal, sociological and philosophical interdisciplinary expertise available to us and to our clients.